May 2019 Integration Enhancements
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SI-3844 - When using the Time and Attendance Sync, some of the time in/out data had not been pulled from Anvis clock to People®. This has now been corrected to ensure all information is correctly presented on your system. 

SI-3895 - We've added a new setting/date box in PeopleInt for the Workable integration to allow users to specify the current date or date you want to pull the data from.

SI-3864 -
We've added a new option to the Defaults tab within Sage to allow you calculate a salary that spans over two months based on working days. We've also fixed an issue that was presented when having the 'pro rata starters/leavers' option enabled. 

SI-3824 - Within the Timesheet report plugin, users can now specify what time a night shift starts, based on your PeopleHR work pattern. We've also added a setting to allow you to filter employees on Salary types. You can find these new fields in the and how they work in the Plugins Timesheet Report article, under:

  • Night shift allowance - shift starts after

  • Salary type


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