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ATS - Accept and Hire an Applicant
ATS - Accept and Hire an Applicant
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When a job has been created with an Offer Approver, an additional pipeline stage has been added under 'Accepted' called 'Awaiting Approval':

These two fields cannot be moved as they work together. Once an applicant has been chosen, they will have to be first moved to the 'Awaiting Approval' stage. Once proved, an applicant can be moved to Accepted. To learn more about the process of an offer approver, please see:

If the vacancy does not have an offer approver, you will only the Accepted stage at the top. 

Once you drag the applicant into the accepted stage, this will open the New Starter Wizard as shown:

This is where you can fill in the applicants details as a new starter, which will create a new employee record in your Employees tab. For a full walkthrough of the New Starter Wizard, please see:

The applicant record will also stay as it is within the ATS, in the Accepted stage. This can be kept for historic records.


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