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New Starter Tasks
Create your new starter checklist
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The 3rd page of the New Starter Wizard is where you can create new starter tasks. Set up this window as a 'checklist', full of all relevant tasks when adding a new user. 

You will then be able to quickly and easily select the specific tasks you want to trigger when you add an employee. 

Here are the default tasks that we have created for for:

As per the below screenshot, you can:

  1. Edit any task by clicking on the title

  2. Remove any task

  3. Create your own task

--Where do Tasks go?--

Tasks will be generated within the Tasks area of People - they do not generate an email. If users receive recap emails (linked below), any task that is overdue will be included in your recap emails. 

--Creating a New Task--

When you create a new task, this will then be available to select every time you create a new employee - but you can also leave this unselected if it isn't applicable for certain employees. 

1. Give your task a name and description. 

2. Who to alert:

  • Admin - The task will be generated to the notifications admin. 

  • Manager - The task will be generated to the new starter's manager. 

  • Employee - The task will be generated to the new starter. 

  • Email - This is used for when you wish to alert someone that is does not have an employee record in PeopleHR. An example of this would be your external payroll tea, instead of generating a task to their tasks area, you can send them an email. 

3. When to alert: Specify when you wish to alert the user, based on the new starter's start date. 

--Please note: If you have selected to alert an external person via email, the 'Who To Alert' option will be greyed out. The alert will be triggered immediately after you have saved the new starter.--

--Selecting the tasks--

Some tasks may only be specific to certain departments. So once you have created your tasks, remember they still need to be selected if you wish for the task to be generated. 

Then click 'next' to save your new starter!


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