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Mark as a leaver immediately
Mark as a leaver immediately
What does this check box mean?
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When processing an employee as a leaver in the Leaver Wizard, you'll have the option to 'Mark as Leaver Immediately'.

To click or not to click?

You can process an employee as a leaver as soon as you know their final date of employment. If this is in the future, you may want the employee to be able to gain access to the system up until this date.

If so, you will want to leave this tick box unticked. The employee will stay active up until this specified date. On this date, the system will then 'trigger' to tranfers the employee into the 'leaver list' and will not longer be able to access the system. 

If you are processing an employee as a leaver with a final date of employment in the past, there is no 'trigger', therefore you'll want to tick 'Mark as Leaver Immediately'. As soon as you save the leaver wizard, the employee will be moved to the leaver list and access will be stopped.

Please Note: This may affect any ripple processes you have for leavers, as this feature will only work with active employees. 

Can I go back and change this?

If this was left unselected, the employee is still active and you can simply go back into the employee's leaver wizard and tick it. 

If you ticked this, you have now made them a leaver. To undo this, you can rehire the employee - but with their original start date. Click here to learn how to do this.


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