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Logbook Overview
Logbook Overview
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The logbook is an area in the system where you can store many types of information. You will have some preloaded logbooks in the system such as:

  • Training

  • Benefits

  • Qualifications

  • 1-2-1's

These will be available in each employee record to add their data in relation to that screen (i.e. their training courses and progress). 

All logbook data is fully reportable within the query builder. You can also assign flexible access rights, specifying which logbook screens are applicable to who. 

You can create an Authorisation rule for individual logbooks if you wish for the information entered within a logbook to be checked before saved. Click here to learn more on Authorisation workflows.

--Create your own custom screens--

With the logbook designer license, not only can you edit the preloaded logbooks, you can create your own custom information screens, for storing literally any type of information about your employees.

With a range of different field types to use, you can really customise these screens to store the data you need for your company. Here's a few examples: 

  • Medical/Allergy information

  • Company equipment 

  • Questionnaires/surveys

Click here to see some some real examples of what you can do with the logbook designer. 

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