July 2019 Mobile Fixes

Fixes and enhancements

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SI-3744 & SI-4001 - If Admin chooses QR codes for TapinTapout, this will have to be used for clocking in - users will not be automatically tapped in/out. 

SI-3996, SI-3995 & SI-3997 - The languages Bulgarian, Greek and Scottish Gaelic are now available on the mobile app and desktop.

SI-3984 & SI-3993 - Once tapped in (Auto), users will no longer need to refresh the app before being automatically tapped out. 

SI-3912 - We have rectified a scrolling issue that occurred once a user scrolled down to the News tab.

SI-3952 - When clicking on a chat notification, you will be directed to the chat feature. 

SI-3985 - Users working on a night shift will be able to clock in and out over 2 days when necessary using the TapinTapout feature. 

SI-4010 - We have resolved a discrepancy in the entitlement displayed when viewing holiday requests details. 

SI-4039 & SI-4040 - When in the planner, tapping on a date will show you the events logged on that specific day. 

SI-4049 - When clocking in/out via a Beacon, this will correctly display on the users planner within the web app. 

SI-4053 - The QR code option will not be available for users until they are within the specified location. 

SI-4073 - We have rectified a discrepancy with the ‘On Holiday Today’ data shown on the mobile app.

SI-4069 - In some cases the expense images were not attached to the expense report. This has now been resolved. 


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