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Custom Logbook Examples

What can you get out of the logbook designer license?

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The Logbook Designer is a feature that allows you to create customisable screens/electronic forms, for a place you can store any type of information that you need to record, but there isn’t space for elsewhere. And report on it later!

You can also add an approval workflow to a logbook (optional), which is great for external requests such as:

  • Requests for overtime

  • Buy/sell holiday requests

  • Change of working hours

Here's a few ideas of what you can do with the logbook designer to help get you started. 

--Medical Information--

Although this information may not be required, it can be useful to know of any medical conditions an employee may have to assist them in a day to day role. This is an example of a medical information form built from the logbook designer. 

--Performance Objectives--

Although People HR holds a great Performance module, including a Goals section, we understand that our customers may prefer to store and track objectives in a varied way. You can customise a logbook screen for an objective area suited to you and your company. Here's an idea of what you could build.

--Induction Checklist--

With the use of our checkboxes, you could build a simple checklist or to-do list within a logbook screen. This example would be used by a manager, filling out the form within a new employee's record during their induction. 

--Buy/Sell Holidays--

Some companies allow employee's to buy or sell their some days of their annual leave entitlement, when requested. As you can create an approval workflow for logbooks, an employee would fill out a form like the one below which could then be sent for approval to the manager, head of department or anyone else specified. 

--Change of working hours--

Here is an example of a form employees may fill out to request a change in their working hours. As mentioned above, you can create an approval workflow for logbooks, in this example, when an employee completes this, a request for approval will be sent to their manager.

--Employee Suggestion Form--

With all information stored in a logbook fully reportable, building an electronic employee suggestion form in logbooks is a great idea! You could create a query on this logbook data and, by filtering on the 'Date Submitted' field, would review all suggestions made for that month.

--Company Equipment--

We've seen many different types of Company Equipment forms widely used in our logbooks area. By creating a form like this, each employee can go into their logbook and enter all company equipment, which you can report on later. Here's an example you can follow:

--Information Assets--

This form can be used if there are many systems/websites that your employees may use to access the data they need for their daily tasks. You can then keep track of who has access to what and why - perfect for your next audit!

--Exit Interview--

This form could be used either to capture the conversation during an exit interview, or for an employee to complete themselves before their final date of employment. Having this information all in one place is really helpful; you could pull a report to review the main reasons employees leave the company. 


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