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Plugins - Slack Integration
Get useful PeopleHR announcements directly to your Slack channel
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This plugin tool will allow you to connect your PeopleHR and Slack to receive informative announcements directly to your chosen Slack channel.

These include:

  • Birthdays today

  • Work anniversary

  • Who is out today (Holiday, other event, sickness)

  • New Starters today

  • Leavers today

  • Job role changes

During set up, you can specify which announcements of the above you wish to include. Before going into the plugin tool itself, you'll first need to set up a few things on Slack.

  1. Log into your Slack account

  2. Click 'Add Apps' under the 'App' heading:

3. Use the search bar to look up 'Incoming WebHooks' and install this app:

4. Select 'Add Configuration'

5. Select which Channel you wish to post these announcements to - Keep in mind who else has access to this channel as they will see these announcements too.

6. Click 'Add Incoming WebHooks integration'

You will be directed to this screen:

7. You can ignore the Setup Instructions as we have a Plugin to do this for you!

Instead, scroll down to the 'Integration Settings'.

   (7a). Here you can Customise the Name and Icon - for example 'HR announcements'.

   (7b). You can also use the 'Preview Message' button to make sure you're happy with             it before saving. 

   (7c). Under 'Webhook URL', select the 'Copy URL' option. 

As you'll need to copy something else in later steps, we advise pasting this URL somewhere on your computer such as 'Notes', to keep for later. 

   (7d). Click 'Save Settings' at the bottom of the page.

8. Log into your PeopleHR

9. Click the 'Settings' tab, the 'API' tab and then select the plus icon

10. Create your API key as shown below:

11. Click the copy icon next to your API key to copy to clip board.

12. Click into the 'Plugins' tab:

13. Click 'new Requests' and go to the 'Slack Sync' tab:

You will be presented with this screen - the final set up!

15. Paste your API key in the first box

16. Grab the webhook URL you pasted into your notes earlier and add it into the 'Channel webhook' box. You can now delete that external note!

17. Use the filters to specify who would be included in the announcements. For example if you are linking this to your 'Sales team' channel, you may only wish to show announcements based on employees in that department. This is comma delimited.

  • Specific Employee(s) - The system will look at the names in this field and nothing else (other filters will revert back to ‘All’ by default).

  • Exclude Employee(s) - There may be a certain employee that lands in all of your above filters but needs to be excluded from this, such as the head of the department or the CEO. 

18. Select the announcements you wish to include. Here's what they will look like:

Please note; if selected to show who is out today, it will not specify whether this is a holiday, other event or sick record. This is confidential to the employee and their manager. 

19. We advise to double check information entered before selecting 'Submit'.

You will then find this in the 'Requests' tab - the most recent request will be at the top. It can take up to 2 minutes to be accepted.

If successful, you will be able to select the 'Download' button to download an audit of this request. If failed, select the red icon to view an error report - you can send this file over to our team at to review and assist. 

You have the option at any time to click 'Repeat' to manually push this through again the next day.

--Schedule to repeat automatically--

Once you have made a plugin request, you can schedule this Plugin to run automatically. By clicking the 'Schedule' button on the 'Requests' page, you'll be directed to this screen:

  • Description - will be the name of the schedule, so you can see what it is set to at a quick look.

  • Start date - When you wish for the scheduling to start.

  • End date - You can leave this blank if you wish for this to be continuous. 

  • Repeat every - We advise to only set this plugin to schedule every 24 hours. Any less and the notifications will duplicate. 

  • Status - You can set this as inactive at any time.

  • Select the days you wish to run this on - you may not wish for notifications to push through on weekends for example.

  • Click 'Save'.

You can view all your schedules plugins in the 'Schedule' tab. 


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