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Delete or Hide a Logbook
Delete or Hide a Logbook
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This article will cover how to:

  • Delete a logbook from an employee's record

  • Delete a logbook screen

  • Hide logbook availability (alternative to deleting)

Please note that you are unable to delete a logbook screen if this is currently in use within an employee's record. These logbook records would first have to be deleted in order to remove the screen completely. You can use the query builder to report on where these records are. 

--Remove a logbook record--

This is how to delete a specific logbook record from within an employee's record.

1. Click on the employee's record

2. Go into the 'Logbook' tab

3. Click the drop down box and select the custom screen you wish to delete

4. Select the logbook record:

5. Click the 'Delete' button in the bottom left of the logbook:

--Delete logbook screen--

This is how to delete a full logbook screen to no longer be in use. You may prefer to simply hide this logbook, which is described in the section below this one. 

  1. Click the 'Settings' tab

  2. Click 'Logbook' 

  3. Select the logbook screen you wish to delete:

4. Select the 'Delete' button in the bottom right hand corner:

What if there is no delete button?
The delete button may not be available for two reasons:

  • This is a preloaded logbook screen, connected to an alert in the system (refer to below section 'Hide logbook availability'

  • This is currently in use within an employee record.

--Hide logbook availability--

In the same setting area described above, you will find an 'In Use' button. Untick this if you wish for the logbook to no longer be visible. Admins can turn this back on at any time. 

Please Note: It is a new requirement for all logbooks to have at least one mandatory field. Therefore if you go to save changes to a logbook that previously did not have a mandatory field, you'll be unable to save until making making at least one field mandatory.


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