Q: What's new?

Authorisation rules of any type are now shown in the Authorisation tab under Settings. 

Previously you could add multiple authorisation rules for holiday requests. With the Authorisation Workflow license, you can create the same rules for all types of request logged in the system; holidays, other events, timesheets, assignments, logbooks and expenses. This means you can direct specific requests to someone other than the employee's manager. 

Q: What are the default rule shown in this tab?

As a system standard, all requests (holiday, expenses, timesheets etc) are sent to the employee's manager. This rule will now be visible in the Authorisation tab under Settings.

If you have a holiday authorisation workflow in place for an employee, this will remain the same and they will be excluded from the default rule.

Q: What if I already have authorisation rules created previously?

The authorisation rules you already have in place will not be affected. Those applied to these rules will be excluded from the default rule.

Q: Will this affect Timesheet/Assignment approvals?

If you currently have Timesheet/Assignment approvals turned on, a rule will be automatically turned on in Authorisation settings to show that these requests go to their manager. You will be able to create different approval work flows for Timesheets/Assignments. 

Q:  What if an employee's requests are selected to reroute or auto approve?

To keep everything in one place (Authorisation settings) and to avoid confusion, the option to reroute or auto approve will no longer be available in an individual employee's holiday setting area.

If you have set a reroute authorisation in an employee's holiday settings, a new holiday and other event authorisation workflow has been created to show this. This employee will be excluded from the default holiday authorisation rule.

If an employee is set to auto approve, they will not be assigned to any holiday rule. 

Q: Are pending requests be affected?

No - pending requests will still be awaiting an authorisation from their original approver.

Q: Has anything changed to an employee with edit access rights to the Authorisations tab in Settings?

Users with edit access rights to the Authorisations tab in settings will have admin access to this area. This is following the logic of the edit access rights function. 

Q: Can I set different authorisation rules depending on the other event reason?

If you have the Authorisation workflow license, you can set up as many multi-authorisation workflows as you like for each individual other event reason. 

Q: What if an employee is not assigned to a rule? 

If an employee is not assigned to a rule, their request will be auto approved. 

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