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(Admin Only) Build a report on TOIL
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The query builder lets you extract information from the system into the form of a report, which you are then able to export into CSV format and also print from there. The focus of this article is how to build a TOIL report. 

For more information on the query builder itself, please see: http://help.peoplehr.com/reports-and-queries/queries-how-to-create-a-query

To browse a list of all of our query articles, please see: https://help.peoplehr.com/reports-queries-data  


--Building the query --

This shows how to report on employee's current TOIL balance as well as when TOIL was added/deducted and when they were booked.  First you will need to click on the Queries tab and select the plus icon. From here:

1. To report on TOIL balance, click the 'Annual Leave Entitlement' field in the first column

2. Select 'TOIL Balance': 

3. Select the 'Toil' option in the column and then all the relevant areas in the other columns, as shown below:

4. Click Next - you are now in the 'Filters and Options' page

If you want to show all TOIL info, there is no need to filter. However you may wish to filter on a specific employee name/ID, or TOIL start dates. 

5. Once you have chosen your filters, Click 'Next'.

6. Name your query (you can also select a category and/or write a description of this query. 

7. Click Next and you will be provided with the information requested.

8. If you wish to export or print, click the 'Export' button shown below:


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