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Probation Information
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Within an employee's record, you can log their Probation end date and some additional details in relation to their Probation period. This is an Admin only area. To locate this:

  1. Go into an employee's record

  2. Click the 'Employment' tab

  3. You'll see the probation fields as shown below: 

Within the 'Probation Status' field, you have the following options:

You can also add to this list by selecting 'Manage This List'

You'll find this option in many other fields too. Click here to learn how to manage this list of a drop down field, including how to add, edit or delete an option.

By clicking on the clock icon next to these fields, you will be able to see any changes made to this field, who made these changes, when and why:

--Probation Reviews--

When conducting a probation review, you'll need somewhere to log the topics you discussed. We advise the logbook for this! This is an area in the system where you can create custom screens and store many types of information.

Click here for an overview of the logbook, or click here on how to build your own.


You can build reports on information logged in the probation with the Query Builder. Once you have a Probation Query, you can build explosive reports on Probation status and history with the Report Designer.


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