This tool allows you to push the following list of employee information from People HR into Xero.

  • First Name 
  • Last Name 
  • Date of Birth 
  • Job Role 
  • Address 
  • Gender 

First you'll need to create an API key in your People system that includes all employee endpoints. You can learn how to create an API key here

2. Copy the API key to your clipboard as you'll need to paste in a few moments. 

3. Download the tool here: 

The tool will open as shown:

2. Paste your API key in the relevant field. 

3. Use the payroll start and end fields to specify what days you wish to run payroll from and to. 

4. In the next field, you'll need to add a Certificate file which can be retrieved from your Zero Payroll Account. Here is Xero's official help article on how to do this:

5. When retrieving the Certificate file, you will have chosen whether or not you wish to add a password. If yes, you'll need to add the password to the next field in the tool named 'Certificate Pass'

Note: If you didn't opt for a password, you can leave this field blank. 

6. Paste in your Consumer Key and Secret in the next two fields. These are located under the Xero App you configured in step 4.

7. Output folder - select the folder within your computer that you wish for the audit file to go. An audit file will be generated every time you run this tool. 

8. Tick the 'Live' option if you wish to push the data directly to Xero. Leaving this as unselected will just run the integration in audit mode. Before every live payroll, we suggest to run in audit mode first to review the payroll changes before updating your live payroll. 

9. Click 'Run Payroll' to run this tool.

10. You can then review the audit file to see the data that has been pushed to Xero and review any errors, if any.


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