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Introduction - Personal info on Mobile app
Introduction - Personal info on Mobile app
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Storing accurate and up-to-date information is important, and not just for legal reasons (GDPR). Employees managing their personal information on the mobile app is just one way you can use People HR to help ensure information is accurate and up-to-date.

In the new People HR mobile app, employees have control over their personal information. Including the ability to view and edit:

* Bank details
* Contact details
* Emergency Contacts
* Edit profile picture

Also, depending on access rights (which will be exactly the same as how you set up in the People HR web app), administrators and managers can view the information. Information such as, employee start date, job role, contact details, emergency contacts, etc.

This is also important, so administrators and managers can appropriately process information according to your organisations needs. Click here to learn more about viewing your personal profile on the mobile app.


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