🎉 Welcome to VOICE, the People® skill with Alexa 🎉

Thank you for participating in the beta group, follow the steps below to connect your account: 

  1. Download the Amazon Alexa App from the App Store or Google Play Store
  2. Enter your Amazon credentials 
  3. Go to the menu in the Alexa app (3 horizontal lines in the top left corner) 
  4. Select ‘Skills and Games’
  5. Type in People HR in the search bar - then enable 'PeopleHR’
  6. Finally login with your PeopleHR credentials and you are good to go 👍🏽

*Also allows you to login using SSO*

Check out the below articles: 

Voice Guidelines & Example Calls You Can Make

Any questions/ideas that you have contact: sarah.mills@peoplea-apps-9e827eb89516.intercom-mail.com

Customer Services Team.

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