Thank you for being part of the beta group. I have listed some areas that you may be struggling on below (please note our development team are looking into these)👷🏼‍♂️🔧: 


When wanting year specific information make sure that the dates are pronounced correctly for example:

  • Two thousand nineteen
  • Twenty nineteen
  • Two thousand ten

Two thousand ‘and’ nineteen will not be accepted in the call - this will lead to an error message.

Employee/Department Names:

Employee names, departments etc.. need to be pronounced slowly for Alexa to understand until she recognises your voice.

When making a call requesting Departments/ Locations, this will have to be stated. For example ‘London Location, Head Office Department’ throughout all Alexa calls.

Any calls that you are unable to make or ideas that you have to offer please email:

Customer Services Team.

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