Alexa is always improving her vocabulary, so play around with the below commands and make the calls as you wish!😎

--- An Overview Of The Calls That You Can Make ---

Key:   /  = choose one of the following.

  • Who are the new starters/who are the leavers 
  • Has anyone changed their ‘first name/last name/address’
  • Book me a holiday/other event/ lock a company day (full day or half)
  • Who has had the most absences 
  • How many days has [First Name] [Last Name] been absent 
  • Who has their birthday today/ this month/ next month/January  
  • Who is absent without leave today (this will find employees with no timesheets and no absences added) 
  • When is ‘*Sales* Department' available (you can also make the call for Location and Employee availability  ie. When Is Joe Bloggs next available) 
  • How many active employees do we have 
  • How many holidays have I got left
  • Do I have any pending holidays
  • When is my probation end date? How many days away is this? 
  • What Department does  [First Name] [Last Name] work in
  • Where is  [First Name] [Last Name] Today
  • Who is on holiday next week/today etc...
  • Run me a query -  ‘Query Name’

Add one of the following to any of the above: Specific date, this week, today, this month, last month, last x months, last x days, next x days, over the weekend, etc.. and don’t forget to try out different commands linking with the guideline calls.

--- Example Commands To Try ---

  • ‘Alexa ask People who are the new starters this week’
  • ‘Alexa ask People who started this year’
  • ‘Alexa ask People who started with us in April 2019’
  • ‘Alexa ask People who are the new starters’ - ‘January 2019 to March 2019’ 
  • ‘Alexa ask People who have changed their address in February 2018’
  • 'Alexa ask People who had the most absences in February 2019'
  • ‘Alexa ask People who has been absent in February 2019’
  • ‘Alexa ask People who had the most absences in May 2018’
  • 'Alexa ask People which dates are Administration department available' 
  • ‘Alexa ask People which dates are London Location and Doncaster Location available'
  • 'Alexa ask People which dates are [First Name] [Last Name] and [First Name] [Last Name] available'
  •   ‘Alexa as People which days are [London] Location and [Head Office] location   available 
  • ‘Alexa as People which days are [Sales] Department next available 
  • ‘Alexa ask People who left in November 2018’
  • Alexa ask People who have left the company this year’
  • ‘Alexa ask People to book me a holiday for XXX’
  • ‘Alexa ask People to Lock a day’ 
  • ‘Alexa ask People to run a query’ - then state to query name in your system 

Any questions/ideas that you have contact:

Customer Services Team.

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