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Mobile - Settings & Notifications
Mobile - Settings & Notifications
Manage your settings in the mobile app
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You can access the settings via the main menu:

You will then be presented with this screen:

Sound Toggle

This toggle is responsible for the tapping noises you will hear when flicking through the app.

Automatic Tapin|out

Click here for more information on using Tapin|out and whether you'd prefer automatic or manual.

What's new

This will take you to our news page, keeping you updated with all new releases.

Biometric Authentication

Select whether or not you wish to use your mobile's biometrics for additional security (Face ID, fingerprint, special code etc.)

Ask a question

Click this option takes you to a chat with our support team.


Edit your language here.

Notification Settings

Here you can specify which areas you want to be notified for. You can also specify your working hours so that you will not be notified outside of your working time. 


Customer Services Team.

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