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Mobile - Add Expenses
Mobile - Add Expenses
Log your expense request via the mobile app
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Upload your expense receipts with ease through our mobile app. Expenses can be submitted by any user, only through the app, and will be authorised by a specified approver.

There are two ways to add an expense:

  • Via the dashboard - This 'Quick Add' feature is great for when you're in a rush. Simply add the amount (and a photo of the receipt if you wish) and add the rest of the details later.

  • Via the main menu - Add your expense and complete all necessary details there and then. 

Quick Add via Dashboard

  1. Click 'Add Expenses'

2. Select whether you wish to use a photo or not

3. Type the amount of this specific expense

4. Click 'Done' in the top right hand corner

5. Name your expense (the item)

6. You then have the option to add this to an existing expense report, or create a new one:

Clicking choose an existing - select the report you wish to add this expense to. Once saved you will be directed back to the dashboard so you can fill the rest out later. 

Clicking new report - Will need to create a name for the new report, specify what currency, the date in which the report started, and select your default tax code for this report - don't worry, you can change the tax code per individual expense item.

You can then complete this via the expense tab in the main menu as described below. 

Via Main Menu

  1. Click on the main menu

  2. Select 'Expenses' 

3. Either select a report you wish to add this expense to, or use the plus icon to create a new expense report and fill in the relevant details. 

If you're creating a new report, you'll need to select your default tax code for this report - don't worry, you can change the tax code per individual expense. 

If you've selected an existing report, click the plus icon to create a new expense record. 

4. You'll then be presented with this screen:

If you select the 'Mileage Expenses' option, you get the below additional fields: 

5. Click to add a photo - you can upload a photo from your camera roll or take a new photo

6. Enter the appropriate details for your expense for your expense. Fields marked with a * are mandatory and will not allow you to save until completed. 

7. Click 'Save' in the top right hand corner. 

Your expense will then show in the report: 

You can then either:

  • Click the plus icon to add another

  • Click 'Submit for approval' if the whole expense report is completed

  • Click the back button to exit from this report for the time being. Your changes will still be there the next time you view the report. 

What next?

Once submitting your expense report, the approver will get an email/notification letting them know that you have requested an expense.

You will also receive an email/notification once this has been approved or declined.

To learn how to view expense requests and check approve/decline comments, click here


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