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Viewing news

You can view all news posts via the mobile app. Recent news posts are shown on your mobile dashboard as soon as you log in, and you can swipe the news post to easily see the 5 most recent. Click 'View All' to see all news posts. 

You will have the option to like a news post, and possibly the option to comment - if 'Allow Comments' have been selected when creating the post. 

Posting news

Admins are able to post news, as well as any user that has been specifically given access to do so. Any news post can be viewable on the mobile app and the desktop. You can create a news post two ways:

By clicking 'View all' from the dashboard, and then clicking the plus icon:

Or by accessing the News area from the main menu, and then clicking the plus icon:

Once you have typed your title and news content, you can use the icons at the bottom to format your text, such as changing colour/size, as well as add a picture or video. The icons will look a little different depending on if you're using IOS or Android, but they work the same!

After creating your masterpiece, click 'Next' in the top right hand corner. You will be presented with the following screen:

  1. Select whether or not you wish to allow comments on this news post. If turned off, viewers will still be able to like this post.

  2. Use the Companies/Locations/Departments filters to narrow down who you wish to view this post - or leave as set to 'All'. You can also use the 'My Team' button to only allow your direct reports the ability to view this.

  3. Select whether you wish to notify employees via email. If selected, the employees who you have chosen to be able to view this will get an email of this news as soon as you post it. 

Once posted, you should be presented with the following message:

You can also edit/delete this news post at any time, and will be available to view on the desktop as well as the mobile app. 

*Please note, that we are only showing news that is posted or modified within the last 30days.*


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