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Mobile - Delete a holiday
Mobile - Delete a holiday

Deleting a holiday on the mobile app.

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Employees are able to delete their holiday (approved or pending) up until the day it has been booked for. Once the holiday is either today or in the past, the employee's manager or an admin will have to delete this. 

If you are a system administrator and you have a manager within PeopleHR, has a manager, the same rule will applies - either their manager or another administrator will have to delete this.

You are unable to delete one day from a multiple-day holiday - please delete the whole holiday and re add.

To delete one of your holidays:

  1. Click on the planner icon at the bottom

2. Use the calendar to locate the day that the holiday is booked for. 

3. Click on the 3 dots next to the holiday you wish to delete.

4. Click 'Delete'.


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