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Mobile - How do I clock in via my mobile?
Mobile - How do I clock in via my mobile?
How employees use TapinTapout, Beacons and QR scanner
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If you're an admin and would like to know how to set up (or just want to know more on) TapinTapout, Beacons and QR scanner, please click here


Admins may have set up TapinTapout for you to be clocked in using Geofence technology, beacons or QR scanner - directly from your mobile phone. 

Under the Settings in your mobile app, you can choose whether you wish for this to be automatic or manual: 

Below you will find two tables that explain each functionality and how they work based on the setting you choose. If you are unsure which option has been made available, please discuss with your system admin.

The user has chosen Manual TapinTapout

The user has chosen Auto TapinTapout

Once the above has been reviewed and you have chosen either Auto or Manual, you're good to go!

If you have selected Auto, you will be tapped in and out when you enter/exit the specified location or beacon zone.

How to manually clock in based on your settings

  1. When you log in, you will see the Tap in / Tap out option on your dashboard:

The view of this may vary on your settings. 

With Geofence location of Beacon Zone:

If you're manually tapping in with this option, you'll only be able to do this whilst you're in the specified location.

QR Code:

If you have selected Manual, once clicking to tap in, you will have the option to scan the code, as shown below:

Where can I view my clock in/out times?

You can view these on the desktop or mobile. On the mobile app, click into the main menu icon and select 'Tap in / Tap out', or by clicking 'View All' through the dashboard. 

Whichever setting you have, your times will also be saved as a Timesheet on your planner - desktop version. To view:

  1. Log in to People® through a desktop

  2. Click the 'Me' tab

  3. Select the grey 'Planner' tab

  4. Click on the Timesheet you wish to view


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