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Mobile - Using the Company Directory
Mobile - Using the Company Directory
Use the company directory in the mobile app to access your colleagues.
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The company directory allows you to access certain information from your colleagues, depending on your access.

For Employees - Use the company directory to access your colleagues email or phone number, depending on what settings your Admin has selected. 

For Manager - Use the company directory to access your team's planner, personal information, and their documents. 

Scroll further down for images of what this will look like based on user access.

To access the Company Directory:

1. Click on the main menu icon

2. Click 'Company'

3. Use the filters to locate the individual to wish to view by location, department, your team etc. 

4. Once you have selected an employee - your view of their record will be dependant on your access. 

What will an employee profile look like?

Employees with standard access will only see:

Managers will also see the above information for those who aren't in there team, however will be able to see more for employees who report to them:


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