During COVID-19, the UK government announced 'The Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme'. This means that the government may pay up to 80% of an employee's salary, if they are unable to work during lockdown. This type of leave is called 'furlough leave'.

More detailed information on who is eligible and how you can claim, can be found on the government's website here: https://www.gov.uk/guidance/claim-for-wage-costs-through-the-coronavirus-job-retention-scheme

Here is how you can record this type of leave within your People HR system.

Recording furlough leave in People HR

You will want to keep furlough leave separate from your other types of leave. This will help you keep your data nice and tidy, especially if you ever want to run a query or a report on employees who have been 'furloughed'. It will also be very helpful in the event of an audit.  

You can add furlough as a type of leave in three simple steps: 

  1. Add an 'Other Event' to an employee's planner. This will take you to a screen where you can pick the type of leave you're adding.

2. Hit 'Reason' and select 'Manage This List'.
This will take you to the page where you can create a new type of leave.

3. Hit the PLUS icon to add a new type of leave.
I recommend keeping the title of this leave type simple: Furlough. 

Once done, hit save and you're good to go! Whenever you add an event to an employee's planner, you will now see a new option in the drop-down list called 'Furlough'. All you need to do, is select this option, and then select how long this will last for. Don't worry, you can edit this later if you're not sure about the end date. 

Remember that the government's advice states that "any employees you place on furlough must be furloughed for a minimum period of 3 consecutive weeks."

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