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Create, edit and preview document templates to then be applied onto an employee record

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Admins can create document templates that can later be used to add to an employee's record. You are able to specify whether the employee or their manager can view this document, if it needs to be electronically signed, and make the document more specific to the employee with the use of merge tags. 

Document template settings

  1. Click the 'Settings' tab

  2. Click 'Documents'

Here's a description of each button:

Creating a new template

1. Click the plus icon

2. You will now be presented with this screen:

3. Click the icon shown in the screenshot below to see all available merge tags you can use

You are able to use these merge tags in the template name as well as the document content.

4. On the left hand side of the template, you can:

Name your template - This will be the document name visible in the employee's record when applied

Categorise your document - This is mandatory and will be helpful for reporting

Give it a description - This will also be visible on an employees record when applied

Specify default access - You can specify a whether you wish for the employee and/or their manager to be able to view this document when applied to an employee record. If left unticked only Admins will be able to see this. When adding to an employee record, you will have the option to change this access.

Specify if signature is required - You can select whether you wish for the employee and/or their manager to be required to electronically sign this document. This is a default setting but can be changed individually when applying to an employee's record. 

5. On the right hand side, you will see the text editor - here you can type or paste any text in. 

Please note: If pasting from MS word or another text editor, please paste as plain text and then format within our Text Editor. 

6. You can also edit the page margins as well as the size of the paper used, eg A4, A5 or Letter:

7. Format the text with the familiar icons at the top of the editor.

8. You can preview this draft at any time by selecting the blue 'Preview' button.

9. Once you are happy with your template, click 'Save'. This will then save this document as a template. Check the box next to the name of the letter select this template on the required employees record.

10. This template may only be be eligible for a specific group of people, for example you may only have templates relevant to a specific department. Use the eye icon shown below to specify whose record this would be available to add to

This feature does not add the document to an employee's record - it is used so that when you go to add a document to an employee's record, only the relevant templates show. 

Adding this to an employees record

Once you have created a new document template, and clicked 'In Use', you can now add this to an employee's record. On how to do this, please see:


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