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ADP IHCM Payroll Integration
ADP IHCM Payroll Integration
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This integration will produce an extract file of core employee data that can be loaded into ADP IHCM. We suggest first speaking with your ADP account manager to ensure that your version of ADP can support this file. 

There are a few things that need to be done before using our integration tool. Instructions are listed below in order. 

-Creating the logbook-

First thing you'll need to do is great a logbook containing some employment details. Click here on how to create a logbook, scrolling down to the section called 'Create a New Logbook'

It's vital to ensure this logbook has the following details:

Logbook name:
ADP - Employee Details

Logbook fields

  •  Full Time or Part Time

  • Permanent or Temporary

  • Pay Group Code

In the below screenshot,  we have made these fields dropdown fields to ensure all data is added in the same format, however you can have these as free text fields if you wish. 

Once created, you can use our logbook data uploader to populate all employee's logbooks with their correct data. Click here for instructions on how to use our data loaders, scrolling down to the logbook section. 

-Building the query-

Next you'll need to build a query that will pull through all of the relevant data needed for this integration. It's vital to ensure this logbook has the following details:

Query Name: Payroll : ADP

Query Fields: 

Once this has been created, you'll need to create an API key that has access to this query. Copy this key as you'll need to paste it into the tool soon. 

-Using the tool-

Open the tool to be presented with the following screen:

API Key – Paste the API key in this field

Output Folder – The location on your PC that the extract file will be generated to. 

Payroll Start and End dates – The start and end date of your payroll period 

Default Pay Group Code – If an employee has a blank Pay Group Code under the ADP - Employee Details logbook screen the value entered into this field will be used as a default.

Live and preview mode: 

We would always advise running the integration in preview mode each payroll period before committing to Live mode. 

This integration will only pull through changes based on your last Live run, preview mode will allow you to see a snapshot of the changes without actually committing them. 


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