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The company planner on your People® mobile app is great for quickly finding out who is out of the office on a certain day, as well a quick look at absences throughout the week or month. You can also use book holidays and other events from here.

Who can see what?

Everyone can view the company planner, and as an admin, you can decide what Managers and Employees can see within it. Click here on how to set/change the access to the company planner.

Access the company planner

To view the company planner, click the calendar icon at the bottom of your screen - shown below.

Once you're in the planner, you can use the top arrows to flick through months:

Viewing events in detail

The dots you see under a specific day shows that there is an event/absence on that day. You can then tap on the filter underneath the calendar and choose which view you would like between daily, weekly, or monthly.

Based on your selection, the events for that day/week/month will be shown in detail below that filter:

Filter by team

If you wish to see all events/absences for a certain team, you can also click the filter icon at the top:

Click below to be directed to a How-To on a specific feature in the planner:


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