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View, add and edit logbooks on the mobile app.
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The logbook is an area in the system where you can store many types of information. This article explains how to locate and use logbooks on the mobile app. For an overview of logbooks on the desktop, please see:


To access your own logbooks:

  1. Click into the main menu and select 'View your profile':

2. Click the logbook tab:

3. You will then be taken to a list of all logbook screens available to you. The numbers show how many logbooks you have in that screen.

4. Tap into a screen to view all logbooks for that screen. If you have access to update that logbook, you'll also have the option to add a new one or edit an existing.

You may not have the options shown above - this will depend on your access.

5. You can also use the filter icon at the top of the screen to filter through your logbooks.

To access someone else's logbook:

You may have additional access to another user's logbook area, for example if you were a head of department or manager.

You will be able to access an employee's logbooks from within their record - using the company directory.

Once you're in their logbook area, the same rules apply as above. The ability to add, edit or delete will depend on your access. You may only have access to some of their logbooks, not all. If you're unsure on your access, check with your HR Admin.

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