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Link your vacancies to google analytics to track views

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Google Analytics is a leading web analytics service, powered by tech giant Google. It tracks the traffic to your website, and reports back on what people are getting up to.

You can now link your People HR vacancies to your Google Analytics page so you can track who is viewing your vacancy and when.

You will require a Google Account to do this. To access Google Analytics or sign up, click here.

To read Google's support document for getting started with Google Analytics, please click here.

Setting up

1. If you're creating an account for the first time, you'll be prompted to add your Website Name and Website URL (explained in the next section below).

If you're simply adding a new account, please go to Settings > Admin > Create Account.

Website Name & URL?

2. When you get to adding your website name and URL, your URL must be your PeopleHR job board link.


This will then ensure all viewers from any active vacancy is picked up.

3. Select your industry and time zone and click 'Create'.

4. Make sure you read the Terms and Conditions before accepting.

5. You'll then see a page similar to this:

6. Copy the tracking ID, as highlighted below:

7. Now, log into your People HR account.

8. Go to Settings > ATS > Analytics:

9. Paste the tracking ID in the field provided.

Go back to Google Analytics and click 'Home. This page should now start picking up your vacancy traffic - whether this has been searched or clicked on via a link posted on social media.


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