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Authorisations - Timesheets & Assignments
Authorisations - Timesheets & Assignments
Viewing, approving and declining timesheets and assignments
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When reviewing timesheet and assignment requests, you have the option to view each request individually, or grouped in a weekly view.

To access this area:

  1. Click the 'Authorisations' tab on the left hand side

  2. Click 'Timesheets'

  3. You'll then have the option to view them as daily or weekly requests

Each view is explained in its own section below.

Daily Timesheet/Assignment requests

By selecting this view, you can see a list of each individual timesheet request. You then have the option to flick to view each individual assignment request, as shown below:

Once you have clicked into an individual request, you will see more detail for that day. In the example below, the employee has clocked in and out a number of times on that day, to log their breaks:

You can then approve or decline at the bottom of the request, being sure to add a comment if rejected.

Weekly Timesheet/Assignment requests

By selecting the weekly view, you will see a list weekly periods where an employee has submitted either a Timesheet or Assignment request.

Once you have clicked into an item in the list, you will see all requests in that week. If you are the approver for both the employee's timesheets and assignments, you will see all requests once clicking into the weekly request. If you are only the approver of their timesheets, you will only see the timesheets - and vice versa for assignments.

In the example below, the employee worked 09:30 - 17:30 on Monday and Wednesday, with an hour lunch between 12:30 and 13:30. This was logged as a timesheet. They also worked an extra hour of over time between 17:30 - 18:30, which was logged as an assignment.

Once reviewing all request, you can either approve or decline.

What if I want to decline one individual request approve the rest of the week, or vice versa?

Whether it's a whole day you wish to decline, or simply all of the timesheets for that week, you can approve or decline an individual request from the week block.

To do this:

  1. Flick back to the 'Daily' view as described at the start of this article.

  2. Then, use the 'Timesheet Type' filter to look for either timesheets or assignments.

  3. Locate the individual request and click into it

  4. Scroll to the bottom and decline (or approve, depending on your action).

  5. Go back to the weekly view and click into the weekly request. You will now see that an individual request for that week has been declined - you can then approve the rest.

Please Note:

Clicking Approve or Decline in a weekly request will only update those that are shown as Pending. If there are any that show as being approved or declined individually, they will stay as they are.


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