October 2020 Release
Enhancements and fixes
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Our engineers have finished working on the latest release, and the following updates have now been implemented into your People HR system:

-- The Desktop --

Employees tab

  • Admins can view additional filters i.e future starters and employees that have access rights.

  • There is now a column for "Employee ID”, this allows the list to be sorted by that column and then navigate records by the ID.

Employee Profile

  • On employee profiles, employee ID & employment type (ie. part-time) is now shown.

  • In the Contact tab, the emergency contact list now displays both telephone & mobile number.

  • You can now upload a profile photo by clicking on the picture rather than having to go to the employee tab.

New Starter Wizard

  • The option to select/deselect all tasks to be assigned.

Leaver Wizard

  • Notice period information is recorded and can be amended if needed ( saves you having to go back to the Employment tab).

-- Mobile App --

Company Directory

  • The employment filter will only be available to admin logins.

Widget Enhancements

  • Away Today widget - Added "View all" option to the filter.

  • Tap in/out widget - Informs users, if they are not within the geo-fence region, they also now have the ability to refresh their location through the app.

  • Admins have the ability to delete authorisation requests.

A lot of the enhancements that we have made are to reduces the number of times you click, and for the data to be easily accessible.

Any questions contact our support team: customerservices@peoplehr.com


Customer Services Team.

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