This tool can gather specific employee data in order to be updated across to your PSC Payroll system, PSC Payroll is a Bureau managed payroll service which we have established a flat file integration to be able to provide PeopleHR data to your payroll service Bureau.

Before you can run this tool you will need to ensure to create a logbook, a query and an api key, you are also able to transfer 'Salary Entitlements and Deductions' using this tool by updating these to match the PSC pay codes.

--Creating the Logbook--

Logbook name: PSC Payroll Details

Field names:

Marital Status

Payment Type

Cost Code A

Cost Code B

Cost Code C

Pay Group (This field is defined to store the 'pay group' for employees, e.g Company 1)

(All fields will need to be 'Text Fields' when setting up the logbook screen, please refer to below screenshot for further guidance)

On How to build a logbook, please see:

--Creating the Query--

Query Name: Payroll : PSC Payroll Details

Field names:

From the left hand side select areas:

'PSC Payroll Details'

From the right hand side select areas:

Contracted Hours

Marital Status (PSC Payroll Details)

Payment Type (PSC Payroll Details)

Cost Code A (PSC Payroll Details)

Cost Code B (PSC Payroll Details)

Cost Code C (PSC Payroll Details)

Pay Group (PSC Payroll Details)

On how to create a Query, please see:

--Creating the API Key--

Once you have created the logbook and query the next step is to create an API key with 'ALL' Employee and Salary endpoints and the query (Payroll : PSC Payroll Details).

On how to create an API key, please see:

--Salary Entitlements and Deductions--

In order to use this tool to transfer Salary Entitlements and Deductions you will need to ensure you have a Valid PSC Pay Code entered within your Entitlements and Deductions within PeopleHR, to gather the pay code you will need to speak to your direct contact at PSC to provide these, this will only work if the Specific PSC Pay code is entered before the description represented in the following example: 201 - Pension Paid

On how to add salaries and entitlements and deductions, please see:

--Running the Plugin--

1. Once you have created the API key, click on the 'Plugins' tab:

2. Select the tab 'New Requests'

3. Select 'Access Payroll Service'

You will then be presented with this screen:

4. Enter the API Key into the 'Enter Api Key' text box.

5. Then enter the Payroll Start and End date to specify the Date range for processing new starters and permanent pay changes.

6. Onboarding data: Only to be used if creating a fresh PSC payroll database (This will class all employees as new starters and pull through all pay code changes)

7. Report Mode: View a snapshot of the data extracts without saving historical changes. (Make sure on each payroll run, to run the Plugin not in report mode)

8. Click submit.

You will then find this in the 'Requests' tab - the most recent request will be at the top. It can take up to 2 minutes to be accepted.

If successful, you will be able to select the 'Download' button to download this report. If failed, select the red icon to view an error report - you can send this file over to our team at to review and assist.

The export will generate three extracts per 'Pay Group', The Pay group is specified within the logbook, the three extracts you will see are labelled below:

One for new starters (Starters.csv)

One of employee amendments (Employee amendments.csv)

and finally one for permanent pay changes (Permanent Pay.csv)

If run in report mode this data can then be checked and confirmed before repeating the request and submitting with 'report mode' unticked to run the files to be sent to PSC Payroll.

Once this sync has 'Completed' you would then need to download the files and email them to your PSC Payroll contact from a registered email address to import the files created.


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