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Settings - Expenses
How to control the Expense settings for your company (Admin only)
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This article will explain how to manage the expense settings and choose what data is mandatory for an expense claim within your company.

To locate this area:

Go to the Settings and click into the Expenses sub tab.

You will then be presented with 4 Options:

  1. All Expense In Use

This tick box allows you to make the Expenses feature in use or out of use for all system users, we advise making sure all other settings are optimised and you have the correct authorisation rules in place before ticking this 'in use'.

2. Manage List

This setting allows you to create your own managed lists within the expenses tab, the options created in these lists will then be able to be selected by the user submitting the expense claim.

3. Expense Submission

This setting allows you to use currency abbreviation instead of the symbol when submitting the expense claim for example it will display as 'GBP' if option is ticked rather than showing £.

Then the other options are to specify if the field is mandatory ensuring employees are unable to submit the expense line until all mandatory fields have been filled.

4. Allow Expense Manage List

This setting allows you to control whether or not a user can manage the list for the client and the merchant fields from within the expense claim on the mobile app, if unticked this will not allow users to edit and they will only be able to choose from the select choices made available from the first settings screen.

If ticked then users can update to this list, however please note when employees update the list this will be visible to all.


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