January 2021 Release

Enhancements and fixes

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Our engineers have finished working on the latest release, and the following updates have now been implemented into your People HR system:

-- The Desktop --

Settings - Expenses

  • There is now more available settings to allow you to 'Manage the list' for the Expenses 'Client' and 'Merchant' fields, to give more control over what options can be selected.

  • Configurable option to choose either currency symbol or ISO code for expenses throughout the system.

  • Admins are now able to select specific fields to be mandatory within the Expense module.

  • There is also an option to allow other users to 'Manage the list' for the 'Client' and 'Merchant' fields whilst adding an Expense via the Mobile App.

To see more on expense settings please see: https://help.peoplehr.com/en/articles/4805398-settings-expenses


  • The Employee's name will now be visible on the Expense Detail.


  • There will now be an option to add multiple attachments to a Ripple 'Email' step.

Settings - Logbook

  • A field has been added to the Logbook settings to allow you to select other specified system fields.

  • 'System Dropdowns' will give the ability to select a field name and then allow users to select from the predefined list stored against that field.

Plugins - Access Payroll Service

  • A new Plugin has been added to to help extract the information you require and update to your PSC Payroll system.

To see more about this plugin, please see: http://help.peoplehr.com/en/articles/4787657-plugins-psc-payroll

-- Mobile App --


  • There will now be the ability to attach up to 5 Receipts to one Expense line detail.

  • The Managed list option for the 'Client' and 'Merchant' fields within the Expenses module can now be managed by a system admin.

A lot of the enhancements that we have made are to reduce the actions and steps when completing system tasks and to give the Admin more control over key features.

Any questions contact our support team: customerservices@peoplehr.com


Customer Services Team.

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