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Intro to Access Identity SSO
Intro to Access Identity SSO
What is Access Identity?
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From May 2021, People® will be moving over to Access Identity; this will involve some steps that need to be performed on your side to ensure that your users have a smooth transition over and can continue using Single Sign-On (SSO).

As all People® users are now customers of the Access Group, you too get to benefit from the security policies that we refer to as Access Identity. This includes:

  • a more secure authentication and streamlined login process

  • allowing users to access multiple applications with one set of login credentials

  • enabling users to keep their employees and their data safe as part of our ISO27001 certification.

Access Identity SSO is linked directly to a domain rather than to a user. This is great news as once a domain is set up for SSO, the SSO will cover all users with that email domain, for most customers this means no extra SSO setup when users are added.

There are also the following benefits:

  • Security Policies – govern your whole domain and the users in the organisation through a security policy. Control users' session lengths, authentication for all users in the domain, such as password length, CAPTCHA and failed sign in attempts.

  • Social Sign-in – allowing users to use existing social media accounts such as Google, Microsoft or LinkedIn.

  • SSO – single sign-on with OpenID Connect supported services through Federation.

  • The option to enable SSO and 2FA - this will allow the users to login via SSO and then 2FA.

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