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Intro to Access Identity 2FA
Intro to Access Identity 2FA
What is Access Identity 2FA?
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Two Factor Authentication (2FA) is an optional security feature, that requires users to go through an additional step to authenticate when logging in.

From May 2021, People® will now integrate with Access Identity to provide 2FA.

When 2FA is in use, Access Identity provides multiple security options for users to protect their account:

  • users can opt in to 2FA and register a trusted device (e.g their phone) to receive a code that can be entered in the second step of their sign-in process, protecting users who may have had their password compromised.

  • the option to use SMS and the ability to use a broader set of authenticator apps such as Google Authenticator, Authy or FIDO2 to secure and log into your Identity account.

  • The option to enable SSO and 2FA - this will allow the users to login via SSO and then 2FA.

Access Identity can be setup in 2 different ways:

  • Forced 2FA i.e. all users from a registered domain must use 2FA to login.

  • User Opt In i.e. 2FA is enabled at site level, but it is up to individual users to chose to authenticate using 2FA.

If you are using 2FA in People® prior to May 2021, this is being moved to Access Identity. To maintain 2FA there are some steps that your admin will need to complete to ensure a smooth transition and continue use.

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