Our engineers have finished working on the latest release, and the following updates have now been implemented into your People HR system:

Updates we have made to the system include:

Dashboard - News

  • We have updated the News portal and this has been moved to the Dashboard to give easier visibility when logging in and landing on the dashboard as a system user.

  • The News tab has now been moved from the left hand side navigation bar to be supported in the Dashboard.

Dashboard - Ripple

  • Interactive Ripple will now appear in a select tab rather than showing on the 'request leave' screen on the Dashboard.

Dashboard - Teams and Absences

  • The Dashboard now has been updated to include both the 'Teams' and 'Absence' screens in the same tab for Admins and managers to allow for easier viewing of employee/team stats.

Any questions contact our support team: customerservices@peoplehr.com


Product Team

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