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Introduction to Tasks on the mobile app.
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The Tasks feature on your People® mobile app is great for quickly adding or actioning a task on the go.

Just as in real life, anyone can delegate tasks to do, and PeopleHR is no different. All users can create and assign tasks and manage their own within the system.

To action your tasks select the 3 horizontal lines on your home screen and select Tasks:

The tabs across the top highlighted shows:

  • New - any new tasks that have come into your task inbox.

  • Upcoming - any open tasks that have a future completion date.

  • Overdue - these are your tasks that have passed their completion date.

  • All - tasks that need actioning and also your completed tasks.

Click the plus icon (+) to create a new task:

You can then assign a task to anyone within your system. You will need to enter a title for the task, and if you require a completion date, who it is in relation to and a description.

Select the filters icon (next to the + icon)

You can filter/search for a specific task by:

  • Selecting a date range

  • Filtering by due date

Or search for a specific word in the task title by using the search bar.

Bulk Completion of Tasks

You are able to bulk delete and bulk complete tasks by selecting the ellipsis:

Once Delete tasks in bulk is selected you can use the Select all swipe feature or select the circles individually and then select Delete, the same principle applies for completing tasks:

If you are wanting to edit or delete individual tasks you can do this by sliding the task to the left:

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