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Access Identity - 2FA Login flow
Access Identity - 2FA Login flow
Access Identity allows for a quick, easy, and secure login flow in line with The Access Group login functionality for 2FA.
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We've changed the way you login via the Desktop using 2FA for a more easy, and secure login flow.

What is Access Identity?

Access Identity is a login portal which is being introduced to help evolve the PeopleHR login, bringing a more secure authentication and streamline flow, allowing users to access multiple applications with one set of login credentials.

What is changing?

Once we update your site to use Access Identity for 2FA, the following changes will apply:

  1. You will no longer be required to enter your password on PeopleHR login, you will just enter your email address and click Next

2. You will now need to enter your email and password in the identity screen which you will set when migrating over to Access Identity:

Access Identity Forced 2FA First Time Login

These steps outline the process that will be followed by a user the very first time they login to PeopleHR, after Access Identity has been enabled on your site.

1. Open the PeopleHR login page using the normal URL.

2. Enter your Email address.

3. Click Next to proceed

4. Enter your password.

5. Select Next to proceed.

You will be transferred to your 2FA provider to authenticate yourself.

See example below (this screen may vary dependant on the third party 2FA provider used in your company):

You will need to use your authenticator app or method of authentication to gain the validation code.

6. Enter the code and click Validate.

You will then be presented with the below screen to confirm you are being migrated to Identity.

7. Click Proceed.

You will then see the Access Identity login page. You are required to set a new password for this first time login.

8. Enter the new password and click Set my Password.

9. Once you have set a new password, enter your password and select Login.

You will then be logged in to your PeopleHR Dashboard.

Please note: This flow is for first time you login via Access Identity. Follow the steps you see below for all future logins.

Logging In via Access Identity & Forced 2FA

Once a user has completed the first time login (described above), the steps below describe the process that will be followed by a user for all future logins to PeopleHR via Access Identity & Forced 2FA.

1. On the PeopleHR login screen, enter your email address.

2. Click Next and this will transfer you to your 2FA authentication page.

Please Note: If you are already logged into 2FA on your browser you will be transferred automatically to the Access Identity login portal.

3. Complete the authentication steps for 2FA.

Once you have authenticated via 2FA, the Access Identity screen appears.

4. Enter your Password and click Sign In.

You will then be logged in to your PeopleHR Dashboard.

For PeopleHR mobile app users there is no change to how you login to the app. Click here to see the current mobile app login flow.

If any of these instructions are unclear, please contact our support team by sending an email to:

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