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Access Workspace integration
Access Workspace integration

This article explains the 9 Dot menu update for application and the integration with Workspace.

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Access Workspace for PeopleHR

People HR is part of The Access Group and The Access Group has created ‘Access Workspace’ for all Access customers, which, as a user of People HR, we’re pleased to say is now available for you.  

What is Access Workspace?

Great products evolve by adding more and more value to their users. As part of our commitment to add more value to our customers, we’re introducing Access Workspace.

Access Workspace transforms business software, dramatically improving engagement, visibility, and productivity. It's available to all People HR customers and is made up of lots of amazing features, tools and Apps. Take a look at Access Workspace in action here:

What’s changing?

When you next login, you’ll see a new login page and a new 9-dot menu. From here, you can find any of the products that you have purchased and access a whole range of tools and sample apps that you are very welcome to use and explore.

We have 5 great PeopleHR apps for employee self-service:

  • My Holiday

  • Documents

  • My sick leave

  • My other events

  • My TOIL

In addition to this, all Workspace users can add these handy apps to their dashboard:

  • Sticky notes

  • RSS feed

  • Twitter feed

 Introducing - Learning Lite

One key new feature we’d like to introduce you to is Access Learning Lite. All customers have access to this and here you’ll find sample courses that everyone in your organisation can explore and enjoy.

To get to Learning Lite, login and click on the 9-dot menu. Here you’ll see the Learning icon. Select this and a tab will open in Access Workspace. From here you can browse the interesting learning content available to you and your teams.

What is Access Learning Lite?

Included as part of Access Workspace, Learning Lite gives you the tools you need to assign, track and manage learning throughout your business. You can provide your employees with a selection of free eLearning courses accessible via desktop or mobile, share video links, and give your administrators and managers the ability to track and report on learning progress.

If you don’t want to see Learning Lite from your 9-dot menu, here’s a guide to show you how to disable it :

Introducing Engage Lite

We’d also like to introduce you to Access Engage Lite; a social space for all employees.

What is Access Engage Lite?

Engage Lite will help you kick-start a culture of engagement within your company. It is a light-touch version of Access Engage, a social stream, where everyone can post updates, images, add likes and comments about what’s going on in the company.

It’s simple to use and keeps everyone in touch, in a familiar, social way.

How do I get Engage Lite?

All users have Engage Lite turned on, to get started you'll need to add the app to a workspace using the 'Add app' feature. Administrators of the Engage will see the Engage product in their 9 dot product menu. Engage administrators will need to have their roles assigned by the workspace Administrator, you can find out more information on how to do this, and add how to add the app to workspace as a user in this article.

As an Engage administrator, you get a sneak preview of the full breadth of content you could use to promote your message to employees if you upgrade to Access Engage.

Navigating from People HR to Access Workspace – and back again!

Everything is available from the 9-dot menu. From here you can jump directly into Workspace via ‘Back to Workspace’ or into your PeopleHR options i.e. Planner, Employees or ATS.

We have also created an additional guide here for PeopleHR customers:

If you have any further questions, please contact our support team by sending an email to:


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