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Learning Lite Training

This article is to help you find the 'Learning Lite' training course to help them begin using Learning Lite as part of Workspace.

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Start your employees' learning journey with Learning Lite

Included as part of Access Workspace, Learning Lite gives you the tools you need to assign, track and manage learning throughout your business

What can I do on Learning Lite?

Take People HR accreditations! We have People HR courses available to all users in your organisation. These may be useful for you to refresh on a particular topic or to help onboard new members of your HR team:

  • People HR – Employee User – Ready

  • People HR – Manager User – Ready

  • People HR – Elite – Administrator – Certified

  • People HR – Team and Professional – Administrator – Certified

  • People HR – Enterprise – Administrator – Certified

Enrol in up to 10 free sample courses! We are giving all users in your organisation access to 10 useful courses:

  • Body Language

  • Dealing With Stress

  • Experiencing Change

  • Fire Safety Refresher

  • Health and Safety Introduction Refresher

  • Introduction To Mental Health

  • Phishing

  • Remote Working

  • Thriving in Change

  • UK General Data Protection Regulations (UK GDPR) Refresher

Build and share your own courses! You can create some simple online courses to share with your organisation using Youtube or Wistia video links, and give your admins and managers the ability to track and report on learning progress.

Add Learning apps to your Workspace dashboard! You can add Learning apps directly to your Workspace dashboard, to make it even easier to find and track your own learning. The apps available include

  • My Learning: A list of all courses that you are enrolled in.

  • Find Learning: A quick way to search the Learning Lite course catalogue.

Download the Access Learning app! Learning Lite is available via the Access Learning mobile app. Download this from the App Store or Google Play Store, and login using your PeopleHR account details, to access your learning on the go.

How to access Learning Lite

You can open Learning Lite from People HR.

  1. Click on the 9 dot Menu.

  2. Select Learning

This opens the Learning Dashboard

Note: All users in your organisation will have access to this option by default.

If you do not want users to have this, see this article.

How to find a course

  1. Open Learning Lite.

  2. Click on Find Learning.

  3. Enter the course name and search.


  1. To browse the list of available courses, just click the search button. The Course Catalogue displays.

  2. Use the Library at the left side of the screen to search for Courses e.g. select Our Products > People > People HR to look up a list of People HR courses.

  3. Click Launch to start the course.

Once you start a course, it will be immediately added to your training plan and will be available for you to return to from the My Learning app.

Additional training

Further training is available for your Learning Lite users and administrators, in the following courses.

  • Access Learning Lite – Administrator – Certified

  • Access Learning Lite – User – Certified

Please note: Where the training references adding or importing users to Workspace and Learning, this is not relevant where People HR is integrated with Workspace and is the source of the user record.

If you have any further questions please contact our support team by sending an email to:


Product team

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