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Completing a RTW Form

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Within People®, there is the option to use our electronic absence return to work form and/or our holiday return to work form. Click here to view how an admin can turn these features on and how they work.

The mobile return to work form feature will be available from the below versions:

IOS: 4.2.5

Android: 4.2.4

How do I complete a Return To Work Form ?

If you have a return to work form outstanding, you will be presented with a Return to work widget on your PeopleHR dashboard:

Select 'Complete form' to view the outstanding forms, this will vary depending on your organisation settings, for example you may just be required to fill in Sickness return to work forms or you may be required to fill in Sickness and Holiday return to work forms.

Work your way through the questions and submit your form ✅

Please note: If you are unable to select 'Submit' at the bottom of the screen double check that you have completed the mandatory fields and entered in the decleration dates:

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