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Error message in 9-dot Menu
Error message in 9-dot Menu

For customers who are experiencing the message "an error occurred whilst loading the menu" when using their 9-dot menu

Written by Fraser Graham
Updated over a week ago

We are aware of an issue that is causing the 9 dot menu (on the top left-hand side of your screen) to show an error message for some customers. You can see a screen grab of this error below.

This only occurs for customers who have had their People HR and workspace sites connected and who have bookmarked a specific screen in their log-in flow. If you think this is you, the information in this help article will help you to resolve the issue.

Today, when you log into People HR you see a two-step log-in process.

  1. You navigate to the PeopleHR site you land on your email entry screen, this will look the same as it has since you started using PeopleHR. You will then select next ...

  2. This takes you to Access Identity. At this stage your email address will already be filled into the email field, you will need to enter your password to log into your People HR site.

The error is caused when the 2nd page of your log-in process, where you enter your password to Identity, has been bookmarked. It stores information in the URL which is then out of date when you use it after a certain period.

Steps to resolve the issue:

  1. Delete your bookmark.

  2. Navigate to your organization's URL and bookmark this.

  3. Enter your email and log in.

We understand that this flow requires you to enter your email each time you log in however this is necessary currently as we progress through our migration to Identity.

Looking ahead, the log-in screens will be rationalized so that you will only have one step - We expect this enhancement to be deployed within the next 3-6 Months.

If this solution does not enable you to use the 9 dot menu, then please contact the support desk.


The Product Team

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