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Get the most from Access Workspace and personalize your dashboard with our PeopleHR workspace apps.
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In this article, we will show you the PeopleHR apps that are currently available in Access Workspace and how to use them, enabling you to complete quick actions.

The suite of apps currently includes:

  • Documents app

  • Holiday Summary app

  • TOIL Balance app

--- Who will see the apps ---

The apps will be available to customers who are integrated with Access Workspace. Not sure if you are integrated yet? You'll find the 'more apps' option at the bottom of your 9-dot menu if you are. If you don't Workspace will be revealed to you soon.

--- How to add apps ---

  • Login to PeopleHR and navigate to your 9-dot menu

  • Select 'More Apps' at the bottom right

  • Once in Workspace, all your apps will be available from the "+ Add App" picker at the top right-hand side:

  • Then search for the apps you want and select 'Add to Workspace':

--- Documents App ---

This app allows users to view and sign their personal documents and view company documents. In addition, Managers can view and sign documents that they have been given access to for their team members.

Allowing users to access all types of document in one place πŸŽ‰

A user can navigate between their pending documents which will be documents that have a signature pending, and also their personal, company, and team documents using the tab below the search bar:

To sign the document select the 'Sign document' text, you will then be presented with the below image where you can view, download, resize, and sign your document:

To view what documents are in the folders select the folder icon:

--- My Holiday App ---

My Holiday app gives you the ability to book a holiday and provides an overview of:

  • Total yearly holiday allowance

  • How many days you have booked so far

  • How many days you have left to use

--- My TOIL App --

This application gives you the ability to Book TOIL, view your TOIL balance, and see when your TOIL days are set to expire.

You can also see the History of your booked TOIL and remaining TOIL balances:

An example of a customised Workspace:

Any questions please contact our support team.


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