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Bank holiday for the Funeral of Queen Elizabeth II
Bank holiday for the Funeral of Queen Elizabeth II
Information on what you need to do to account for the bank holiday on Monday the 19th of September to mark the Funeral of Queen Elizabeth II
Written by Fraser Graham
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On Monday 19th September, the date of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth's State Funeral, the government announced there will be a bank holiday to mark the last day of national mourning. As this is a standard bank holiday and will operate in the same way as other bank holidays. We will add this date as a bank holiday to the England & Wales bank holiday template in PeopleHR before Monday.

For customers who use the England & Wales template and are observing the bank holiday, this means that you do not need to take any action.

What will happen as a result of the template being updated?

  • Deductions will be processed (in line with Entitlement including Public Holidays in planner settings being on)

  • The contractual hours of an employee for that day will be reflected in the number of bank holiday hours (For those with Holidays measured in Hours)

The above will be applicable for the vast majority of PeopleHR customers, however, your organization may fall into one of the below groups:

I do not use the default template

For customers who are using a bespoke Bank holiday template, and you wish employees to observe the bank holiday, you will need to add it to your template. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Settings

  2. Holiday & Absence

  3. Default Public Holiday Template

  4. Manage this list

  5. Add the Bank holiday to the list

This will then create all the appropriate calculations and deductions automatically.

Article for Creating and amending Public Holiday templates - Public Holiday Templates & Entitlements | People Help Center (

There are employees in my organization who will be working on Monday 19th September

If you are using a default bank holiday template (England & Wales) the bank holiday will be added to your system. For employees who will be working or if you are not observing the bank holiday as an organization, you will need to edit the duration in each of your employee's Planner.

You can do this by following these instructions:

  1. Go to the employee's Planner

  2. Click into the Bank Holiday on the 19th of September

  3. Amend Duration to 0 as shown below and save

Article link showing how to amend Public Holiday duration - Changing Public Holiday Duration | People Help Center (

Public Holidays are Included in our employee's leave entitlement

If you have public holidays set to be included in employee's entitlement and you have not yet adjusted their balance to reflect these changes, you can do this individually via their planner settings or in bulk via the Bulk actions tab as shown in the below article:

If you have any further questions on the above, please let us know and we will be able to advise further.

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