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How to change the holiday duration
How to change the holiday duration

Why the holiday duration is greyed out and how to amend it

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If a holiday duration is greyed out and cannot be amended, as highlighted in the screenshot below, this indicates that the user was assigned to a work pattern during that period when the holiday is booked for.

When assigned to a work pattern, the duration information is picked up from the working hours specified in the work pattern. To override this, you would need to assign the user to a No work pattern with an effective date prior to the holiday date.

To do this:

  • go to the user's planner

  • click into their work pattern

  • from the drop down list, select No work pattern

  • set the effective date to at least one day before the old work pattern

For more information on how to remove historical work patterns, please go to the 'Deleting Historical Work Patterns' section of the below article:

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