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Just as in real life, anyone can delegate tasks to do, and PeopleHR is no different. All users can create and assign tasks and manage their own within the system.

This can vary from asking someone to sign a document or schedule a meeting or even actioning to say they've understood something.

-- Tasks Overview --

To access your Tasks, click on the Task tab on the left-hand side:

My Tasks - Firstly in the Tasks section of People, you will see your tasks. These are a list of all tasks that have been assigned to you.

All Tasks - The final tab within the Tasks menu is the All Tasks option. As an admin, here you can view all tasks in assigned to everyone in the company. As a manager, you will see tasks you have assigned to your team.

Click 'Hide Completed' to view all outstanding tasks:

Click the plus icon to create a new task:

You can then assign a task to anyone within your system. You will need to enter a title for the task, and if you require a completion date, who it is in relation to, and a description.

There are also the following tabs related to your own tasks within the Tasks menu:

  • Overdue - these are your tasks that have past their completion date.

  • New - any new tasks that have come into your task inbox.

  • Due Today - any open tasks that have a completion date of today.

  • Upcoming - any open tasks that have a future completion date.

  • Completed – this tab will show all of your completed tasks.

-- Search/filter Tasks --

You can filter/search for a specific task by:

  • Selecting a date range

  • Filtering by category

  • Search for a specific word

  • Sort by columns by clicking on the column header

-- Bulk Completion of Tasks --

Once you select the tasks you wish to action using the tick boxes, you will see the Mark Complete option at the top of the list.

Once you opt to complete, whether it's individual or groups like above, you can now also add completion notes for the task assigner to consider when viewing.

-- Automatic Task Alerts --

As an admin, you can set up automatic alerts for certain things such as LOS, Right to Work documents expiring etc. Click here for more information on automatic task alerts.

-- Task Notifications --

There are automatically generated system notifications for being assigned a task, and also notifications to the creator that it has been completed or updated, select into the 'Notification tab at the lefthand side.


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