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Manager - Goals and Objectives App

Managers overview of the G&O apps - Access Employee Performance

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This article contains an overview of the Goals and Objectives App for Managers. If you are an employee click here to see the Employee Goals and Objectives app overview.

-- The Goals and Objective App --

As a manager, within the Goals and Objective app, you will be able to create, view and request feedback for your team members' objectives as well as managing your team's check-ins.

As a Manager, you will be presented with a drop-down at the top left, where you can view your own information and also select your direct reports:

-- Creating an objective --

  • Select the +Add New

  • Select who the objective is for this can be for one or multiple team members

  • Enter the mandatory fields

  • Once completed select Next step

Step 2: Add your Key Measures

When creating an objective it is mandatory to add a key measure. Key Measures are the steps that are taken to achieve the objective which allows team members to accurately measure key tasks that need to be completed to achieve the objective.

๐Ÿ† We think of Key Measures as your steps to success in completing the objective ๐Ÿ†

  • Enter a Key measure title

  • Add a description

  • And then choose the Key Measure metric:

    123 = A numeric value

    ยฃ = A monetary value

    % = A percentage

    ๐ŸŽ“ = A learning measure, if your company has purchased learning this will link you to different learning activities and prepopulate all of the information, if you do not have learning included you can create your own learning measures when selecting the ๐ŸŽ“ icon.

  • Only one key measure is mandatory but you can add more by selecting Add Another.

  • Lastly, select Finish.

Note: When updating the status of your Key measures, this will update the % circles to help you and your manager track your progress against the objectiveโ€‹.

-- Updating a key measure --

  • Select View on the objective you want to update the key measures on

  • Select Measures and then update the progress field

  • Select Save All

-- Requesting Feedback --

To request feedback on a team member's performance against an objective:

  • Select View on the objective you want to request feedback on

  • Select Feedback and select Request Feedback and choose who you wish to request feedback from

The person to whom you have asked for feedback will receive an email.

Note: if you're unable to request feedback this may be switched off by your Company.

-- Completing an Objective --

To mark an objective as complete:

  • Select View on the objective you want to complete

  • Select Complete Objective at the bottom right

Note: if you need to undo this action, navigate to the Closed objective through the filter icon at the top, select View on the objective you wish to reopen, and then select Reopen Objective.

-- Check-Ins --

The check-in functionality supports regular one-to-ones between employees and managers. Select the Check-Ins tab to carry out, schedule, and view your teams' check-ins.

Start Check-in

Here you can add notes either prior to, during, or after the check-in which are visible to you and the employee.

Skipping a check-in

If an employee is unable to attend a check-in as a manager you have the ability to skip the check-in.

  1. Select Start Check-in

  2. Select the Skip Check-in box.

  3. Select the skipped check-in reason. The skipped reason dropdown is only accessible once the skip check in check box has been selected.

  4. Click the Submit button.

Book Check-in

Employees and managers can schedule dates for their next check-in. If you have been receiving email reminders to book a check-in once this is completed the email reminders will stop.

Check-in History

All of the check-in history is below providing an audit trail to you and the employee, of previous check-ins. Selecting View Notes enables you to add further comments to a check-in as well as recapping previous notes.

The different check-in statuses:

To aid the manager in administering check-ins within Goals and Objectives, the check-in status is visible on the employee selector dropdown.

Users will fall into one of the following statuses:

  1. The user has not yet booked or completed a check-in

    • The user has a status of Check-in due.

    • The current period end date is shown.

  2. The user has booked a check-in

    • The user has a status of check-in booked.

    • The date of scheduled check-in is shown in the header.

  3. The user has completed a check-in (or a manager completed or skipped a check-in for the user)

    • user has a status of check-in completed.

    • The status will show until a new period starts (Hardcoded to a quarter).

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