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PTG Employee Performance June Release
PTG Employee Performance June Release

PTG June Release

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The estimated go-live date for the below features is the 14th of June 🎉

These small changes applied are making the app become more accessibility friendly (towards AA standards) as well as introducing a more modern feel to the system.

In addition to bug fixes, we have been working hard in implementing frequently asked changes.

-- Path To Great app updates --

  • Managers can now save employees in the same position, prior to this an employee had to be moved and then move back to the original position.

  • Guidance text has been added throughout the application when publishing and saving plotting’s to clearly highlight what the action will do and who will/ will not see the changes.

  • By default, when a manager selects ‘Team Path To Great’ employee PTG positions will be hidden:

    -- New visuals --

  • A selected member will display with a white outline (Not selected users = gray outline)

  • An edited user that has not been saved will display a dashed and pulsing circle (Not edited = solid and static).

-- Notes --

Managers now have the ability to add ‘Notes’ to a team member's record. The feature will facilitate managers to track their thoughts on changing users' positions which can be used to aid progressive 1-1 conversations.

Choose an Employee from the drop-down > Then the 'Notes' button will appear at the top right:

The ‘Notes’ feature and comments are only visible to the manager.

Any questions please email:

Product Team

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