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The New Goals and Objectives App
The New Goals and Objectives App

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This article gives an overview of the enhancements that will be made to the Goals and Objectives App.

A whistle-stop tour video on the Goals and Objective app:

-- New Navigation --

  • Company Goals which was previously found in the drop-down menu now has its own tab (if switched on) next to My Objectives

  • Check-ins which were previously located at the bottom left of the app is now placed next to Company Goals:

-- New Logic --

We are introducing the ability to have: Open, Overdue, and Completed Objectives.

Previously a user's objectives would automatically close when passing their due date.

What does this mean for the user?

In order for an objective to be completed the user will need to mark the objective as completed.

How to Complete an Objective

  1. Select View on the objective you are wanting to mark as complete

  2. Select Complete Objective at the bottom left corner.

How to Reopen an Objective:

  1. Select Filter

  2. Select Time

  3. Deselect Open and Overdue

  4. Select View on the objective that you are wanting to reopen

5. Select Reopen Objective at the bottom left corner.

-- Key Measures --

Looking forward all Key Measures will require a title field, if an existing objective is selected, the user will be prompted to add a Key Measures title.

-- Check-ins --

Current logic: When a check-in note is added the system creates a new row every time for the same date and it is not visible whether the note was added by the employee or the manager.

New Logic: If check-in notes are added by the employee and manager on the same day the system will group their notes and provide an audit trail facilitating multiple check-ins.

The history of check-ins will also automatically display when the user selects the Check-ins tab.


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